One of Our Best Iron Tips That Will Change Your Iron Play Forever

There are lots of different tips out there that show you how to hit your irons pure and develop consistently good contact.

However, we have one simple iron tip that will help transform your iron play forever.

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Don’t hit down, hit past

The most important concept for you to take on board that will change your iron play forever is to hit through and past the ball, rather than down on it – a common mistake many amateurs make.

Hitting down on the golf ball can lead to fat shots and duffs where a big divot is taken before the ball. Needless to say, this will mean poor contact and seriously reduced distance.

A great drill for providing instant feedback and reinforce this concept involves placing alignment sticks in a line either side of your golf balls.

Your aim is to take a divot after the ball – not before it – on each shot, and the great thing about this is that you can check whether you achieved it instantly by looking at where your divot is.

What should happen at impact?

Many players who are struggling to hit their irons will have some things in common in their swing.

For one, we often see them put equal amounts of weight on their lead and back legs during their swing.

And secondly, at impact their club shaft will typically point directly up towards the middle of their chest.

But the very best ball strikers do something different at impact when hitting their irons.

When they hit the ball, they put most of their weight into their lead leg and their club shaft leans forward.

This means the club head is still travelling down after impact.

But how can you improve your chances of getting your setup and impact perfect so you can take more divots after the ball?

The key is to improve your pivot action in the hips in the backswing.

But this is pretty simple, and one great thing to imagine during your backswing is that you’re taking your moving your right bum cheek so that it replaces your left bum cheek.

This will help you cut out duffs and strike your irons pure on a much more consistent basis.

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