A step-by-step guide to building a consistent golf grip

Last week we released something exciting, our Pure Your Irons Blueprint. So, in this week’s blog we thought we’d go through the first weeks coaching video for you.

When working on any aspect of the swing it’s important to start with great fundamentals, and that’s why we always like to work from the grip up.

This grip is such an integral part of the swing, it plays a key role in how the hands work, how we create lag and club face direction. So, consider this a technique refresher!

Let’s start with what not to do.

A weak grip really can kill any chance you have of good ball striking, and when we say weak grip, we mean like you see below. The club sits more in the palm than the fingers and you can’t see any knuckles or glove logo on the lead hand.

When you grip the club like this with your lead hand, the trail hand tends to creep over the top of the grip, and this combination really inhibits your ability to make a good swing. It limits your wrist movement, opens the club face and your hands and arms have a much harder time of working with your body. This grip is also going to negatively affect your ball striking, as it’ll increase your chances of hitting the ground before the ball.

A strong grip is the opposite of a weak grip, so just imagine the reverse of what’s written above. Admittedly it isn’t quite as destructive as a weak grip, but you’re definitely going to increase your chances of hitting a hook as the club face will be a lot more closed at impact.

Now we’ve told you what not to do, let’s go through the neutral grip.

You want the club to rest along the base of your fingers of your lead hand, then wrap your hand around the club from there. You should be able to see at least 2 knuckles on your lead hand when you look down at your club, this is a great way to check your hand is in the correct place. The image below is what you’re aiming for.

If you’re still not sure you’ve got your lead hand in the correct position then you should definitely consider purchasing one of our True Grip Gloves. It has cleverly coloured panels that help ensure you get your hand in the right place, and even better, it’s competition compliant. So you can play with it every round! If you want to get one for yourself then you can CLICK HERE, and it’ll take you to the Me and My Golf Shop.

Ensuring you get your grip into this neutral position is really going to help you get a better range of motion. You’ll be able to sync the arms and the body, and it really helps with club face control.

One extra point we would like to make is during your practice, make sure you reset your grip on every shot. Checking your hands and their position on the grip should be a step in your pre-shot routine for sure.

And if you think this blog has been useful then you definitely need to check out the full video. You can find it in the “Pure Your Irons” coaching plan, it’s the first main video in the series, so it’s easy to find. Be sure to fill out for form below to get access to the first week completely FREE.

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