3 Tips to Stop your Slice

Time after time we speak to golfers who all complain of the same problem, a killer slice that is stopping them from playing the way they know they can.

It’s a common problem, but one that people really seem to struggle to correct, so today we’re breaking down some top tips to help you straighten those drives and hit the greens in reg. Aren’t we nice!

3 Knuckle Grip

So, you need to look at what both hands are doing, and if you are someone who slices the ball and has a weak left hand then strengthening that up is something you really want to do. Having 3 knuckles, even maybe 4 visible on your left hand at the top of the grip is going to change the club face in relation to the ball, and get you closing the club face at impact.

This change is super easy and requires no swing thoughts, which we think is really advantageous as there is less to think about when you’re actually swinging.

When it comes to the right hand, we typically find that slicers have it over the club. What we really want to do is grip the club from the underside with the right hand as this will have a massive effect on closing the club face at impact.

Make a note of this one guys, as we usually find the trail hand to cause most of the problems when it comes to slicing!

Club Face Checkpoint

Okay, so this next drill is a belter and definitely a must-do for every slicer at the range!

Set up an alignment stick behind the ball that is just slightly flatter than your spine angle at address, and this is going to be you checkpoint on the backswing to make sure you have a neutral club face position. As you can see, we want the club to run parallel to the alignment stick.

Neutral Clubface

Usually, slicers tend to open their club face during the backswing and this makes it a lot harder to return it back to the ball square, as a lot more manipulation is required during the downswing to move it back to neutral.

Open Clubface

This drill is great, because you can video yourself from behind and can clearly see if you are performing the drill correctly!

Club Face Rotation

Now this last tip might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but hear us out! Focusing on the clubs position post swing provides a great indication as to where the club face was during impact. Some incredible drivers of the ball, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for example, have the toe of the club passed over the heel aggressively through the golf ball.

Now for someone who slices, we find that their club face points down the target line for too long after impact. So to combat this we recommend a great drilled ‘Laser Butt’ (don’t laugh!).

So what we want you to do is swing back and swing through and feel the rotation through the golf ball. But also feel as though you get the butt of the club up and facing towards the target when the golf club is parallel to the ground.

For someone who slices the ball you will see that the butt of the club ends up point left of the intended target.

It’s definitely good to over-exaggerate these drills too whilst you’re practicing, to help you get the feel for the right movement!

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