The Secret to Effortless, Smooth Power and Speed in the Golf Swing

So many golfers we speak to are looking to achieve effortless power and speed in their golf swing, just like the professionals they see on the TV.

Well, we’ve got a secret for you… it’s bull****.

Sorry, but effortless power doesn’t exist.

The thing is, even the pros have to put loads of effort in, but they make it LOOK effortless. Their swings are so smooth that it makes you wonder what they’re doing that you aren’t.

And that’s where we can help you.

Take a look at our latest YouTube video to understand how the pros achieve their power and speed in such a smooth golf swing, and what you can do to emulate it.

Nail the transition

The best players in the world all have a good move away with the upper body into their backswing, followed by a transition into their downswing that is driven by their lower body. This creates speed in an efficient manner, helping to make it look much easier than it feels!

The Thunderstep Drill

the Thunderstep drill is one of our favourites for creating a good moveaway into the backswing, a better transition with the lower body into the downswing and, ultimately, more speed and an effortless look.

First, stand as if you’re setting up for a shot as normal.

Then, move your feet so that they are both next to each other.

Hover the club in front of you and start to move your arms as if gearing up for a swing.

Move into a backswing, and as the hands get to chest height, step forward, start to move towards the target and then swing through.

This will help to join the moveaway to the downswing and create that smooth, complete swing that you’re looking for.

Practice it a couple of times without a ball, and then move onto trying it for real with a ball.

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