The mistakes every golfer makes on par 3’s

Statistically, these are the hardest holes (when you compare them to par 4’s & par 5’s). A little surprising huh?

The mistakes that we see most amateurs make centre around these 3 areas…

  • Club selection – In short, not taking enough club and being too worried about their ego’s. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it
  • Flag hunting – You would not believe the difference in your scores if you had more of a focus on the centre of the greens. Constantly going for the flags leaves little margin for error
  • Not understanding the conditions – Even some of the most experienced golfers are only just understanding that hitting to a green that’s ‘below you’ means you don’t need to take as much club

There is actually two more in addition to those but you’ll have to watch on to find out what they are.

All make sense yeah?

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