The best lesson on driving we have EVER done!

Honestly, we wouldn’t be making statements like this if they weren’t true.

After just ONE lesson, we were able to get Stu (a member), an extra 40 yards on his drives.

Can you just imagine if that was you?

And do you know what the best part was as well?

We didn’t really change too much in his golf swing.

It was just some small subtle tweaks which had a HUGE impact.

We’ve also just got to give a big thanks to our partners, FlightScope Golf on this one.

Because without the data that the Mevo+ gives us we really wouldn’t have been able to make the impact we did on Stu’s game and show him the improvement he made in such a short space of time.

Fancy being in with a chance of having a live lesson yourself? Sign up for a membership today and you might just be next!

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