Stay Back For Longer, Straighter Golf Drives

How would you like to hit longer, straighter golf drives?

Well this drill just might help you do that. 

Lots of golfers struggle with the driver when it comes to how they “stack” their upper body over their lower body throughout the golf swing.

They tend to create an ‘upper body-dominant’ transition, which can cause you to hit the golf ball too early in the arc and hit down too much on the ball – reducing your chances of hitting longer golf drives.

When the upper body gets out of position throughout the golf swing it can make things harder when it comes hitting fairways.

We see so many golfers lean their upper body too much towards the target, which leads to a number of issues, and most importantly an inconsistent IMPACT.

So, if we can give ourselves a little more time in the down swing, it will not only help us hit up on the ball to gain distance, but it will also give us more time to square the club face and eliminate the slice. But how can we do this?

Well, you need to hit the golf ball later in the arc and we can do this by “stacking” the upper body better over the lower body by focusing on the spine angle throughout the Set Up and golf swing.

Here is a very effective drill that is very simple to do next time you go to the range and all you need is a small book.

Open the book slightly so it will rest on the ground between you and your ball on the ball position line. Place it so the front cover is facing away from the target. Now the key to this drill is making sure you can see the front cover of the book from set up right through to around IMPACT.

To do this, you need to tilt your spine away from the target at your address and as you make your back swing keep your spine angle leaning away.

At the top of the back swing you are now “loaded” with your upper and lower body nicely stacked so that you can use your lower body.

Now the TRANSITION is the all-important part. As you shift and rotate the lower body to start the down swing, keep the spine slightly tilted away so that you can clearly view the front cover of the book.

From here now you are primed ready to build up that speed, hit up on the golf ball and have a much better chance of delivering a squarer club face at Impact.

Get ready to hit some high launching, long, straight drivers with this drill and say goodbye to the rough on the right!  



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