Go from slice to straight drives in minutes doing this drill

In this week’s YouTube video, we introduced Javier to a drill that turned his chronic slice into straight drives in minutes.

For the full breakdown, be sure to check out the full video. But for now, let’s give you a sneak peak of the drill we used with Javi, and how it helped him.

Impact Drill

From the first couple of swings, we could see Javi had an open club face at impact, meaning there were a lot of heel strikes. This open club face was creating the slice ball flight that he was trying to avoid. So, to hit the ball straighter we had to change the way the club face was meeting the ball at impact.

Using our very own impact bag (, we got him to swing at half speed and focus on hitting the bag with the toe. We used the analogy of a finish line, if hitting the ball is the finish line then we want the toe of the club to cross the finish line before the heel.

This encouraged Javi to be more aware of where the club face was throughout the impact zone, and square the club face up quicker than he was previously doing.

The results of this simple drill were incredible, and Javi was finding more consistency. We also worked on part of his backswing to help with correcting his slice, so, be sure to check out the video below for all the details.

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