Fix Your Slice By Shaking Hands With The Target

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Cause of Slice

Golfers are constantly trying to fix a slice for numerous reasons.  The “Open Club Face” is an ongoing battle for the majority of golfers but the key is having tools to help you square it. Consistently delivering a square club face at IMPACT will not only make the ball go straighter but also much further.

We often talk about how what you do after IMPACT influences what you do before, so sometimes working on a “FEELING” through the ball can really make a difference to creating the desired ball flight or strike.

One common “POSITION” through the ball we see for “SLICERS” is one that has poor rotation of the club face, leaving the lead hand more on top of the trail, often resulting in the Chicken Wing swing fault.

Cause of Slice - Open Club Face


Fixing The Open Club Face

Encouraging a better rotation of the hands and arms post IMPACT could make all the difference to helping you produce a more consistent shot.  One drill that has worked for our students is a very simple one, “Shake hands with the target”. 



Stand in your golf posture without a golf club and hang your trail arm down in front. Allowing a weight shift and rotation of the body simply position your hand as if you were shaking hands with the target. You will notice that your palm is facing behind you and this will help with the closure of the face at IMPACT. If you are someone who misses the target to the right (if you are right handed) then it may feel natural to have the palm facing more at the sky, which we don’t want!

Open Club Face Fix

This is a great feeling to take to a shot and you will see post IMPACT now that you have rotated the hands and arms much better, fixing your Chicken Wing and straightening your ball flight. Click here for more ways to fix your Chicken Wing.

If you’re still struggling with your slice watch our full videos series “Turn Your Slice Into A Draw“.  Click the link below.



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  1. Brian Reply

    Hello Andy and Piers: I’m Brian from the Kansas City Missouri area.
    I’m pretty new to Me and My Golf, but have already learned how to turn my slice into a draw on my drives, pretty consistently, thanks. Now i’m working on my irons, just watched the 4 videos on iron play but haven’t tried them yet.
    I really enjoy the videos and have already become a year long subscriber, My question is do you sell any of your, Me and My Golf apparel. It would be great to have some for purchase so we can share our stories with everyone who would ask what is Me and My Golf.

    1. Andy Reply

      Hi Brian. Thanks for subscribing and joining! Glad you are seeing some improvements in your game too. We are definitely looking at MMG merchandise and it may be over the next year or so. Our main focus at the moment is creating content for the website. Thanks for the support and let us know if you have any questions.