Stay Connected – For A Good Backswing

A poor backswing connection and sequence is a common thing with amateur golfers.  We often see a disconnection of the arms in the move away and this leads to all sorts of problems in your swing.

A good backswing connection and sequence is very important to allow you to produce a consistent downswing and deliver the club on plane with a square face. A great way to help you stay connected in your back swing is to imagine you are standing in a clock face with a laser pointing out the butt of the golf club. In your move away allow your torso to move your arms and club and when your club reaches 8 o’clock, have the laser pointing between your forearms. This will allow your club arms and torso to move in a better sequence and ultimately help you hit more consistent shots.



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  1. peteapple

    This seems spot on. One of the big by-products of this approach is that it also keeps the club head outside your hands going back which “should” keep you from taking the club back too inside going ba…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Pete. Yes keeping a good connection seems to be a common thing and a hard one to fix. This really does help keep things together more. Let us know how it works for you.

  2. Caleb_Turner

    Hey Andy,
    I know when hitting an iron, the bottom of the swing is supposed to be after the ball causing the club to hit the ball first. Where in your swing should you hit the ball with a driver? I h…

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Caleb. Thanks for the comment. Great question too. The bottom of the swing with the driver should ideally be before the ball or at the ball. Many golfers want to hit the ball on the way up with the…

  3. orson mobley

    Hey pete i struggle with my right elbow bending too early and incorrectly which always gets the club too far inside i have tried different instructors and all kinds of swing aids. is there a tip or dr…