3 driving HACKS for longer drives 😍

You may have seen a few weeks ago, that we recommended hitting your driver more in the winter to help combat the wetter, colder conditions. 

So in our latest video we thought we would go through a few of our favourite hacks that will help you as Phil would call it, “hit bombs”.

A brief summary…

  • Spraying the face – Use strike spray on your club face to get feedback on exactly where you’re hitting the ball from. Some small changes to ensure you strike it from the middle will help to increase the speed of the ball when it leaves the club face. 
  • Waggle those hips – Work on improving hip rotation and creating a bigger arc when swinging with a driver by placing an alignment stick through your belt loops. This hack will help create a more in to out swing path and help combat those ‘over the top’ swings.
  • More on the inside – Get an alignment stick and stick it into the ground on the target line at an angle of 30 degrees. The aim? Miss the stick when you swing, and try to hit up on the ball.

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