Most golfers are constantly pursuing that pure strike with their irons that they see the worlds best players do followed by a lush divot after. So how do we achieve this?

Well most of you will be aware that to do this there needs to be a slightly downward hit on the golf ball and we hear so often golfers say, “I’m trying hit down on the golf ball”. Now whilst this may sound ok we have found that this can actually be harmful to your golf swing. When golfers try to “hit down” on the golf ball it can cause even more ball striking problems and this really does go to show that how you visualize, think and the words that you use, have a huge impact on how you swing.

One of the first things we get our Me and My Golf students to do is to understand that with an iron the bottom of the golf swing is after the golf ball and this means there is a slight downward hit. We do not however tell them to “hit down”. From our experience this has only lead to problems.

A great way to think about the angle of attack in to the golf ball with an iron is to imagine the club head is an airplane coming in to land on a runway.  This will help promote a more neutral angle of attack but hopefully still help you strike the ball first followed by the turf.


When golfers tend to think about “hitting down”, we usually see it lead to poor swing plane issues where they get too “steep” and the airplane (club) comes crashing in to the ground taking huge divots, making it very difficult to perform a consistent strike.


Simply combine this image in your mind with some of our ball striking drills and this will have a huge impact on helping to strike those irons pure!

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  1. Phil Renwick

    The one thing I struggle in understanding with getting ball before divot with the irons is where you position the ball. I find that if I position the ball left of my chest the bottom of my swing arc …

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Phil. If your swing is bottoming out before the ball when it is forward then you are probably “hanging back” is the down swing. Moving the ball back will compensate for the lack of weight shift. Yo…

  2. dcpro19

    I am having a hard time achieving impact before turf. The only thing that helps is if I hover the iron above the ground and not sole the club. Also wondered if I’m standing to bent over at address. Wh…

  3. rian

    hi andy
    im rian im 14 and i struggle to hit my wedges solidly when hitting them full swing do you have any tips on how to optomise your wedges and still have control

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Rian. Are you struggling with your centeredness or is it a fat/ thin problem?

  4. Tarka

    Hi Andy,
    I have specific problems with my 5 iron. Its got so bad that I either get a good connection but it goes right, or, I shank the ball.
    Any suggestions.

    West Sussex

  5. Rick O'Shea

    True but it also reminds us to hinge and drive down the hands.

  6. Peter M

    Hi guys, so I have a problem that I hope you can help me fix, it doesn’t really have to do with my irons except for my 4 iron and up, I never had the problem until I took a week off of golf because I …

    1. Andy Proudman

      Hi Peter. Your low shots are a result of low “dynamic loft” at impact. This means that you are de-lofting your club face. This usually happens as a result of the grip or the back swing. Your grip mayb…

  7. wayne mills

    Hi Andy,I’m a 11 handicapper and in general not a bad iron player but somehow something has crept into my swing as my divots are aiming way to the left and the ball is cutting to the right of target …

  8. Double E

    Great videos- below are my trackman averages with a 7 iron. Need help with AOA please.
    Club Speed, 67mph, Ball Speed 100mph, Smash=1.5 , AOA 1.1- yikes. Dynm. Loft 21.5, Carry 141, total 159! How ca…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. Yes 1.1 down is a little low AOA. The first thing to check is your ball position. The more forward the ball, the shallower the AOA. The ball is usually best placed just left of…

  9. Stephen

    Hi, I have P790 irons and love them. I want hitoe non rusting wedges. I cant wait much longer and might buy Volkey. Please let Taylormade aware they are loosing sales

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Stephen hope you’re well, I’m pretty sure they won’t do a non rust Hi Toe. They do have the Milled Grind 2 but as you say then faces rust on them, although the Black heads seem not to rust as much…