Correct Sequence in the Golf Swing – Weighted Club

PGA Professional Piers Ward talks about the correct sequence in the golf swing.

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  1. Michael Smith

    Great video guys. I need to work on this to stop me spinning out and throwing the club.

    Does this principle of lower body first apply throughout the bag to every club?

    1. Andy

      Hi Michael. Thanks for the question. Yes we want to start the down swing with the lower body with all clubs. It just gets less aggressive as we move to the shorter ones.



  2. Jeff Wilson

    This video helps a lot. I have heard that the upper body should stay behind the ball at contact. Wondering how important this is? If it is, it would be great to see a video on it. Thanks for all the …

    1. Andy

      Hi Jeff. Thanks for the comment. Can you be a little more specific with your question please, are you asking about irons or woods. I will do my best to answer and maybe do a video for you.



  3. Jeff Wilson

    The article I read on golf digest was talking about how to get more distance with your driver (believe is was by Harold Varner III). It mentioned using the lower body to start the downswing and trans…

    1. Andy

      Hi Jeff. Great question! We will do a video for you on this as it is a good one to talk about! keep your eyes peeled soon.



      1. Jeff Wilson

        Awesome! Thanks!

      2. Neil F.

        Hi Andy,

        Do you have a link to this video?

        I have sequencing issues and this would be of great interest.


          1. Neil F.

            Interesting stuff Andy.

            Incidentally I bought an Orange Whip trainer last week, but haven’t really started incorporating it into my practice as yet. I need to do more research on the best exercises….

          2. Andy

            Great Neil. Glad you managed to get one. We really like it as a warm up tool too. It definitely helps with your tempo too.

  4. martlach

    Great Video! I have always struggled with sequence. after watching this video it all clicked and things came together almost immediately. Appreciate the help.

    1. Andy

      Great Martin. Happy to hear this helped.