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Uphill Lie Chip Shot – On Course Tip

In this video, we show you how to consistently play an uphill lie chip shot.


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  1. Jennifer T.

    Thank you, very helpful.

    I’m having trouble chipping straight from around 40m out. I’ve had perfect long drive/2nd shot and a perfect lie to get on the green but my chips always pitch left. Ca…

    1. Andy

      Hi Jenni. Your club face will be closed at impact. Make sure the toe of the club is facing more up in your back swing. This will help you square it up at impact. Hope that helps? Please et me know.


      1. Jennifer T.

        Thank you, I’ve made some adjustments, aiming hips to the flag and checking on club face positioning in front of a mirror. In the last couple of rounds i have seen a difference!

        1. Andy

          Great work Jenni. Good to hear you are seeing some difference. Keep it up.



  2. Ian

    Any special measures needed for thick and deep rough that can snag the clubhead and just leave the ball dribbling a couple of yards forward?

    1. Piers

      Hi Ian

      I hope you’re well, we answered your question on rough lies in the June Q & A, I hope you managed to see it.

      Thanks Piers

  3. Paul O.

    First season of golfing is about to end for me – curious to know, what happens when I open the club face to “work against” the uphill lie. Does that work?

    1. Andy

      Hi Paul. Thanks for the comment. Yes definitely that can still work. It is about balancing what the slope is going to do.