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Understanding The Finish

Learn how to finish your golf shot, it’s more important than you may think.


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  1. Adrian Alaric

    hi. how many percent of weight is on trail foot on finish? thanks!

    1. Andy

      Usually around 5% Adrian.

  2. Nicola Borland

    Thanks again! Another great video. I will work on my finish!
    I find working on drills super useful and if you have any drills for the following trouble spots I would appreciate your help. I would rea…

  3. jonasliang

    Hi, Just joined the program. I am a completely beginner. Is there any video where you talk about the very fundamental? Grip, basic swing, stance, etc?



    1. Andy

      Hi Jonas. Thanks so much for signing up to our community. Take a look inn the beginner zone and also search for “Beginner Golf Basics” This is a plan that will be perfect for you. let me know you find…

      1. jonasliang

        Hi Andy,

        The videos are extremely helpful. I am just a bit curious on how weight shift between the legs should be done from stance to back swing.

        Thank you,