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Turn Early and Turn In

Fix your ‘Sway’ swing fault with this great drill.


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  1. John L.

    Great drill.. I tried this and it works.

    1. Andy

      Great John. Glad this was useful to you.


  2. Petr L.

    Hi Andy and Piers, This is very usefull drill. I used it on the course without any problem. It makes my swing more confortable and solid. Recommend to all to try it. 🙂

    1. Piers

      Awesome Peter! Great stuff glad that is has helped. Please keep us up to date with your progress.

      Thanks Piers

      1. Petr L.

        This weekend 104 (one hole was lost due to rough and bad play here). 9 shots on par 5. Yesterday I played lincs golf course with 5 x par 🙂 I will start week 4 now. I can feel good driver and irons u…

        1. Piers Ward

          Hi Petr, the best tip for long irons is too make sure you have slightly more weight on your lead foot at Set Up and then focus on hitting a specific yardage under control as opposed to just hitting it…