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  1. Tommy

    Would love to see more videos on this topic, any chance of that happening?

    Keep up the good work, you guys are the best!

    1. Andy

      Will do more Tommy. Thanks for the comment.Hope your golf is improving!

  2. Nick

    Hey guys, another great video! Really enjoying the site so far.

    This is something that I have in my season plan to implement in my pre-shot routine and really pay attention to. One problem that I …

    1. Andy

      Hi Nick. Make sure you stand right behind the ball and pick a small target out in the distance. Choose a spot on the ground about 18 inches in front of the ball on that target line. This always helps …

  3. gary dallyn

    Great topics,guys. more of these type vids the better.. To help us hackers keep focus on the weeknd comps.

    1. Andy

      Hi Gary. We have a great Video series coming out very soon which cover lots of the golf course. You will love it. Stay tuned next week.



  4. mike40

    I like how DJ says he can always improve! Reminds me of a quote I read recently:

    “Improvement has no limits”

    1. Andy

      Exactly. These guys always think they have room to improve and always striving to be better. What a talent. Hope you enjoyed it.



  5. mholder443

    My god! DJ’s feel for distance control is unreal ?️‍♂️⛳️?

    Awesome video guys

    1. Andy

      I know. That’s what you get from hours and hours of practice. Hope you enjoyed the video?



  6. gardnerwoods

    I fell asleep during that and when I woke up DJ was still On the same word, didn’t miss a thing and it was awesome.

  7. andrew

    I play in a league thats on a very tough part 3 course . I’m. 10 hcp on my regulation course and I’m far more consistent with my wedge play there but when wed night rolls around I have a real inconsis…

  8. jfalves

    Hi Peers and Andy. Can you post the promo code for the 18Birdies app. Thanks.

    1. Jeff | MMG Team

      Hi there, the code for 18Birdies is – MMG1. Great app, everyone should have this for sure. Thanks for writing in.

  9. richieahern

    Question guys….. carry distance in a simulator vs carry distance off grass… Does it vary drastically in your experience? Reason I ask, I tried an indoor simulator (trackman technology) tonight for…

    1. Andy

      Hi Richie. I would always go off the grass as a benchmark. Its better to be underestimating the distances as most danger is at the front of the greens and this is where most people end up if they miss…

  10. ffinch

    I just finished watching this and pre-planned my round for this afternoon. I plan to leave my 3 metal in my bag today for the fairway shots and instead, use perhaps two 7 iron shots back to back. Than…

    1. Andy

      No problems. Always great to have a game plan. Let us know how you get on.