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Trouble Bunker Shots

golf bunker shot

This months theme on the website is ’50 Yards and In. This weeks Meandmygolf Weekly we’re showing you how we play those troublesome bunker shots.

Who doesn’t like going to the beach? Well if you ask most golfers, playing out of the sand is their worst enemy out on the golf course.

Today is the day that all changes!


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  1. Foreright

    Great video! Now I finally understand what the wrists should do for a good bunker shot. The face-to face tip was the curcial clue, so I finally get that in the bunker we should exactly do what would b…

    1. Andy

      Great. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.



  2. MissyLaMotte

    I am quite comfortable out of bunkers when there is enough sand. But we have a few bunkers where there is just a thin loose layer of sand, just enough to cover maybe a third of the ball, and under tha…

    1. Ian

      Hello MissyLaMotte,
      Check out the last tip in this video from A & P.
      I had the same issue as you and this tip completely addresses t…

  3. The Viscount

    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the information, as always straight forward and easy to follow
    My question is does anything change if the sand is thicker and heavier?

    1. Andy

      Hi Bill. Thanks for the question. Glad you like the videos. If the sand is thicker or heavier then the club can dig in a little more to the sand so you need to really be precise on your entry point be…

  4. Foreright

    Hi, what degree of bounce do you suggest for a 56° sandwedge? Is more bounce helpful for a bunkershot? Might a high bounce be more difficult to play when it comes to chipping or pitching? Would be g…

  5. mattjl

    How do things change when sand is wet/damp and more compact?

    Can you suggest the how the degree of bounce should vary with one’s wedges?

    1. Andy

      Hi Matt. You ideally want less bounce so less opening of the face will expose the leading edge a little more. this just allows the club to enter the sand a little better.