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Trail Foot Flare

Improve your rotation, power and consistency by setting up correctly with this drill.


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  1. lewisross1

    Rotation is something I have been really struggling with due to poor mobility and flexibility, it causes me to have a very short back swing (about 75%) This video certainly helps a lot with that! Than…

    1. Andy

      Hi Lewis. Great. It is all about finding what works to suit your body and flaring the lead foot out certainly helps. Keep us posted on your progress.



  2. gardnerwoods

    If you do flare the trail foot as you suggest do you loose some potential power? also do you do this at the risk of causing some deep muscle tension with the attendant lateral discomfort in the quad, …

    1. Andy

      I don’t believe it would reduce power no as you will move better. The main thing this will do is help the internal hip rotation in the back swing. We will be doing some fitness videos to help the golf…