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Trail Arm Trap


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  1. Lance Q.


    How should the trail elbow look like before the downswing? I have tried to tuck my elbow in but I think it is still flying out a bit. I have tried to bring the inside of my elbow closer to…

    1. Andy

      Hi Lance. The trail elbow in an ideal way should fold in the backswing and point down towards the hip. Yes it will definitely help with flattening out the lead wrist also. Your mobility in the shoulde…

  2. Lance Q.

    If my right wrist is flexed like it is holding a tray, do I need to maintain that flex through the downswing?

    1. Andy

      Hi Lance. You will certainly keep it in transition and it will start to release just before impact.



  3. Lance Q.

    When I get to the first position in the backswing my club shaft is parallel to the target line that my feet stand on. The shaft is not over the target line but inside the target line, closer to my bo…

    1. Andy

      Great question Lance and the answer to all of those are yes. The club should be a little set with the wrists and over the feet line in the back swing. The wrists should still continue to cock in the b…

  4. Lance Q.

    As part of the membership do you review video submissions? – Lance

    1. Andy

      Hi Lance. Unfortunately we don’t. Is this something that you would like to really see in the membership.