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The Ultimate Training Station – Meandmygolf Weekly

The month of June is all about Irons and in this video we show you our ultimate training station, to get you hitting perfect iron shots. 


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  1. mcenter

    Hi guys. Excellent stuff. Good structure. How far out front were the two alignment rods from the hitting area?



  2. Eagle

    When you are hitting a fade / draw how do you judge how far left / right to aim and how do you judge how much further left / right to place your feet and body? I realise it will come with practice b…

    1. Ian

      Hello Eagle,
      In the absence of any reply from the experts, here’s what a pro told me a couple of years ago to stop my slice and draw the ball:
      For a right hander, align your stance (your toes for ex…

  3. Ian

    Rules state that alignment sticks cannot be used on the course. So, all the videos I’ve seen say aim the club face at the target and then build the stance around the aligned club face. So that would b…

    1. Ian

      So three weeks later and nobody has thought my suggestion was worth a reply. Has anyone tried out this idea? Is this idea so ridiculous that everyone is being kind and sparing my feelings?

      I’ve be…

      1. Andy

        Hi Ian. Hope you are well? Sorry we missed your comment. I presume you are talking about the importance of aim? Yes awareness to where you are aiming is key but one thing is for sure, we see people ai…

  4. keeopac

    I have noticed that when your are showing the various drills with the irons, you are teeing the ball up instead of hitting them off of the ground as you would when actually playing a round. Is there…

    1. Andy

      This is more to just look after the area of grass that we are on as sometimes we are on the teeing ground. Where you can when practicing, go off the ground as it will help when you transfer to the gol…

  5. Richard B.

    Hi guys, I have been watching your videos for a week now and I’ve seen improvement that I have never seen. Keep up the good work and I’ll put it to use on the range and course. My question is this…

    1. Andy

      Hi Richard. Thanks for the comment. Great to hear you are seeing some improvements. We want to turn a very similar amount on all those shots. the key thing is creating a difference between the face an…