Do you struggle with wrist hinge in the backswing? This video will improve your wrist set, backswing sequence, timing and consistency back down on to the golf ball.

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  1. Adrian Alaric

    hi andy. The letter L is also applicable on the driver and woods? Thanks.

    1. Andy

      Hi Adrian. Yes it’s great for both as a check point.



  2. dusthay21

    Is it possible that when you don’t hinge your wrist enough that it can cause you to slice the golf ball?

    1. Andy

      That is doubtful unless it causes you to over swing as a result of this. We always say start with the grip and then look at the club face. Have you checked out our Slice To Draw Coaching plan? This co…

  3. A.Mcenery

    Hi, Andy
    I’ve recently noticed a bad habit returning to some of my long game shots,that is a flattish backswing.
    Would the letter l drill sort this. Also to get used to this drill, could you take it…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. Yes this could work for sure. It would ideally work if you can practice with a mirror behind you and half way back you can focus on getting the but of the club to point more in…

  4. A.Mcenery

    Thanks Andy. Also whilst on the range I started wrist set as my hands move over my left foot. ( I’m a lefty)
    as opposed to later and this got me in a great position.

    1. Andy

      This is great. This is a perfect place to start using the wrists. Hope you had a great weekend?



  5. Julie B.

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ve recently developed a left pull with my irons, through videoing I’ve noticed a pretty bowed wrist. Should I be trying to set it to correct this? My shots were fairly straight before and I…

    1. Andy

      HI Ronan. If that bow is causing your club face to close then yes that is a good thing to “tweak” and see if it helps. A good pivot will definitely help.



  7. wtspc

    Hi I had a problem cupping my wrist at the top of the backswing then I learnt the first part of my backswing keeping the club face at my spine angle. The problem Is I still duff some shots and struggl…

    1. Andy

      I would look at the swing plane then as you may be a little over the top in the down swing. This can cause you some steepness and those duff shots. If you can, film your golf swing from down the line …

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Mauro yes this can work for the driver as well.

      Thanks Piers