Sync Up Your Backswing

The backswing is often a key factor in the cause of a Slice, that’s why in this video we look at the syncing of the arms in the backswing.  A good backswing stops you making compensations on the downswing, giving you a good delivery to the ball.

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  1. A.Mcenery

    Hi Guys,
    Great drill. When you are on the course if I keep my elbows tight to my rib cage, will this sync the backswing also.
    Tony McEnery

    1. Andy

      Hi Tony. That can help yes but you want to make sure you’re not creating too much tension in the arms as they still ideally need to lift slightly. Certainly the upper lead arm staying close to the che…

      1. A.Mcenery

        Thanks Andy will do just that.

  2. Tony G.

    Silly question, can this drill be done with an iron?

    1. Piers

      Hi Tony absolutely yes, its never a silly question.

      Thanks so much, Piers

      1. Tony G.

        Thanks for the response. Saw on video yesterday that on the backswing I was raising my club and getting it at 90 deg but vertical then compounded the issue by starting my downswing with my shoulders …

  3. Tony G.

    Guys, I’m having the worst time with my downswing. As you saw in my video my hands are getting away from me during that transition and I’m having no luck getting that “feel” if you know what I mean. …

    1. Piers

      Hi Tony as discussed I’m going to film a new one when I get to the range later today and send to you. I think it will be the best for you.

      Lets get this back on track! ?

      Thanks Piers