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Strike Your Irons Pure Part 2


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  1. Benjamin

    Do you guys recommend watching all 4 parts and working on what we feel is hindering us. Or do you recommend watching them individually and feeling like we’ve mastered one video before moving onto the …

    1. Andy

      Hi Benjamin. Do what you feel is right for you but keep it simple. Only take 1-2 things to the range to work on and stick with those until you feel they are settled in to your game. Then move on to th…

  2. Nick

    I struggled with Slicing the ball on my drive, so after watching your videos on fixes I was able to determine it was the cup in my lead wrist during the backswing. In this video, what is the differen…

    1. Nick


      After keeping my wrist straight on my drive i was able to turn my ball flight into a slight fade.

      Not quite the draw i was looking for yet but it feels amazing and has helped improve my game …

      1. Andy

        Hi Nick. Yes we want a good wrist set but not too much “cupping” in the wrist. Great that you are hitting it straighter. With the wrist flatter in the back swing it just makes things easier when squar…

  3. Jad

    I used to bend my left arm when I reach the top ; this video changed everything and improved my consistency.
    thanks Guys

    1. Andy

      Great Jad!!

  4. Scouserlee

    Hi, only really joined up in the last few days and i am chipping and hitting my driver better than ever! i just can’t get the hang of the irons though but the thing i have noticed is that the top of m…

    1. Andy

      Hi Lee. What issues are you having with your irons?


      1. Scouserlee

        Hi Andy, after leaving the comment i had the best round of golf i have ever played (so must be doing better!) i have filmed myself and i was hitting quite well but when i turned off they all started t…

        1. Andy

          Hi Lee. If you are struggling with distance and the shots are going right then your club face is open somewhere. Make sure you check your grip then back swing. This is usually the first place to look….

  5. danhuck

    Great instructive videos on iron shots. I liked the fact that you maintain a consistent ball position (in line with left side of chest) for all irons. Since a 5 iron is obviously longer than a 9 ir…

    1. Andy

      Hi Dan. Thanks for the comment. Yes that’s spot on. The length of the club will cause you to stance closer or further away from the ball.



  6. BobC

    I noticed in at least some of the iron shots that Andy had the V on his left hand pointed straight up and down, more towards his shirt buttons, and not to his right shoulder. I’ve been working to stre…

    1. Andy

      Hi Bob. Thanks for the comment. No we ideally want to keep the grip the same but if you are hooking it then you may have gone a little too strong. Make sure you also check your club face in the back s…

  7. Ryanmvdl34

    Great video!

  8. shaunf


    One question I have is where do you recommend looking during the swing? I have tended to look directly at the ball but I’ve heard that it might actually help to look ahead or in front of the ba…

    1. Andy

      Hi Shaun. Great question. This can help yes but what i would say is that to not focus on a point as it will restrict rotation. You need to allow for some head rotation slightly in the back swing so lo…

  9. Gord

    Good Morning
    While going through this series you list 8-10 different drills. Is it best to focus on one for a few days and move to the next or can you spend 15-20 minutes on several of them per pract…

  10. stleoc

    I am just starting and have noticed a big difference in my impact using irons. I am a new golfer, so any period of mostly consistent ball strikes is great. My biggest issue still is the hold. I wat…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the question about the Hold. We don have a few videos on here, search for “grip” or “hold” and see what appears. We will make am point of creating a video though on creating a neutral hold …