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Strike Your Irons Pure Part 1

Get ready to FLUSH your irons and play more consistent throughout your entire round. 


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  1. grahamh26

    Thanks to your videos I am striking my woods and irons better. I still have 2 major faults. Direction: I check my feet hips and shoulders are in line and when I hit the shot it goes to the left not at…

    1. Andy

      Hi Graham. Thanks for the comment. Greater to hear that you are improving. if you ball is going left then you need to check your club face. It will be closed at impact so this could be due to grip or …

  2. PhilW

    Hi. I’ve seemed to grasp this with my 9,8, & 7 irons, but as soon as I move onto my long irons they all seem to be chopping down and sending the ball consistently to the right. Is this to do with …

    1. Andy

      You can try moving the ball a little further forward in the stance to see if that helps but if not, make sure you really work on the path and the face in the back swing as this is what will help creat…

  3. Paul Murphy

    Hey guys. I really loved this series. You guys are great and I love how you really break everything down to simple and understandable segments so I can focus on the right changes for my swing. I’ve…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Paul what a great message! Thank you so much for this! We love seeing stories like this, congratulations on everything you’ve done. If ever you wanted to show us a before and after of your swing t…

  4. grahamh26

    Message: Having worked on my driving I have seen a marked improvement but every tenth shot or so I tend to hit the ball to the left into danger. I did have a bad slice but having done your plan break …

    1. Andy

      Hi Graham. Thanks for the comment. One thing we really would recommend you to do is to measure your ball striking. Have you done this yet with the driver? It will be good for you to see where your ten…

  5. Christian R.

    Hi guys, first thanks for your great videos! They really help me to improve my golf and I love your graphical animations for explanations!

    I have one question about how to play hybrids. I have a 4 …

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Christian thanks so much for your kind words, super happy that they help you. The answer is yes you want to feel as though you’re hitting down with the hybrid like the irons (don’t work too hard a…

      1. Christian R.


  6. Stephen C.

    Hi there, I was just wondering how you would put this into practice repetition wise and how many sessions etc before moving on to part 2. I often struggle to get the most out of my range practice.

    1. Andy

      Hi Stephen. Thanks for the question. Focus on 1-2 things maximum and move on to part 2 when you feel comfortable. There is no rush. A couple of practice sessions a week is good too.



  7. Logan C.

    I am having a lot of trouble chunking my irons and hitting them fat. So bad to the point where the game is not enjoyable. What causes fat shots. I saw the shot fixer section but didn’t know exactly …

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Logan, the key Swing Faults you need to look at are the Early Release and the Hanging Back, have a look at those and then start videoing the golf swing and see what you find.

      I hope this helps, th…