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Strike Your Irons Pure Part 1

Get ready to FLUSH your irons and play more consistent throughout your entire round. 


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  1. Pohoresky

    Great video

  2. Pohoresky

    Also a great way to chip and make small pitches. Never miss the ball that way.

  3. Erik

    This is a great video! I am starting to strike my irons a lot better! I’ve noticed an increase in distance – however I am starting to suffer from lack of control. I am tending to slice my irons mor…

  4. Erik

    Is there a place where I can upload so I can show you what I am talking about?

  5. Alejandro Abdala

    Hi, I just started playing a few months back, never really had lessons except me and my golf and I have been improving ever since. But there’s one issue I can’t seem to get rid of, which is when I’m h…

    1. Andy

      Hi Alejandro. Thanks for the comment. It is more than likely due to your weight not being forward enough (on your lead leg) when you are at impact. The majority of golfer will hit the ground first due…

  6. Jim Hilgenberg

    Just watched part 1 striking you irons pure and I’m looking forward to the other parts. In the BTL drill when your finish should the face be rotated to match your spine angle? Sort of the inverse of …

    1. Andy

      Hi Jim. Not quite sure exactly what you mean? At what part of the swing are you referring to?



  7. ihatlee

    I’m thinking the thumb in chest drill could be called “The Butler” because you’re posing like a butler with a towel on his arm at setup!

    1. Andy

      Ha ha. Love it!!

  8. Ryanmvdl34

    I am having so much fun with this site and subscription. I’m 36, been playing golf for 12 years without a lesson. With your content I’m finally beginning to understand what I’m doing wrong. What a …

  9. awiese

    Like many others, I guess, I watched a lot of your videos on YouTube before this series finally brought me here. I just got the chance on the range today to try out the drills from parts one and two,…

    1. Andy

      Hi Andrew. That’s great!! Thanks so much for signing up. Really happy to hear that we are helping your game too! Please keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!

  10. Adam Murphy

    g’day i have just signed up and looking forward to working on my game, but have noticed that no videos will play…. is there something wrong with my membership ?

    builder murph