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Stop Topping Your Hybrid

This video answers a question from our Facebook group, where someone was struggling with topping their hybrid club from the fairway.


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  1. Mark E.

    wicked cheers lads , think my lean back is my thing. takes me like 5swings to get the brush… All makes sense thanks

    1. Andy

      Great Mark. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.



  2. Randy Clark

    Good video. This is something I’ve struggled with as well. I find if I focus on getting my weight forward like an iron shot I do better, but I’m still not as comfortable with my hybrids as I am with…

    1. Piers Ward

      Thanks so much Randy… Glad this has helped and you have some good focus for your practice. Thanks Piers

  3. Derek H.

    Thanks for the tip. I top my hybrids and fairway woods every round. If not I take a huge divot out and spoon the ball about 30 yards in the air. It’s one or the other. Do I need to set the ball fo…

    1. Andy

      Hi Derek. It sounds like you are too “steep” in to the golf ball. The ball with these clubs should “ideally” be closer to the front foot. This way you will have a slightly shallower angle in to the ba…

      1. Derek H.

        Hi Andy,
        Thanks for getting back to me. Should I aim for a shallower take away with my fairway woods and hybrid? When I do make contact with these clubs out on the course, my ball flight is incredibl…

        1. Andy

          Hi Derek. No problem. We wouldn’t suggest having a shallower backswing with these clubs. With the driver we want to position the body with good “tilts” to help hit up but with the hybrid and fairway w…