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Stick Your Irons Close – Meandmygolf Weekly

Learn how to practice to get your irons close to the target.


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  1. msdorus

    Great video! Andy, is your Gap wedge a 50 or 52? I’d love to see another WITB with the updated clubs you guys are using.

    1. Andy

      Glad you liked the video! I use a 52 degree milled grind TaylorMade wedge. Will look at doing a WITB when the season kicks off for you.



  2. ezrangel

    Dear friends, do swing analisers like swingtalk or truswing really help beginners? Are they trustable?
    Thanks for any advise!
    Keep going with the nice videos!

    1. Andy

      They can help but no where near as much as coaching. The best way is always one to one coaching but it’s very important that you work specifically on the correct thing. It would probably work bets in …

  3. Ian

    What happened to the first gap wedge trackman trace? Second and third gap wedge trackman traces go to a totally different location. I’m sure you saw the three shots went to the right target, so why do…

  4. sjc1290

    Peirs & Andy, thanks for the video! Great tips! I’ve been really focused on this type of practice recently and I think it has really helped my game, especially under 130 yards. On the part about t…

    1. Andy

      Hi Sean. Hope you are well? thanks for the comment. It is quite difficult to get something that tracks EXACTLY the distance the ball travels but I have seen the swing caddie. I am not sure exactly how…

    2. Ian

      I’m using SkyTrak and the basic software from the SkyTrak game improvement package installed with a mat and a net in my back garden. Not a good solution from the weather point of view, but I’m getting…