Should I Aim Straight?

Most golfers believe that aiming straight is the right thing to do but is it?  In this video we give you a great drill to improve your aim.

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  1. Ian

    I watched this video shortly after it was posted in February. Since my “typical” result is a fade tending to slice (especially with the driver) I decided to try out this advice and aim down the left o…

    1. Andy

      Hi Ian. Thanks for the message and so sorry that we missed it. We do get so many messages and every now and again it’s easy to let one slip so we apologise! Glad this was useful to you. If you think a…

      1. Ian

        Thanks for the reply. Absolutely no reason to apologise. It is perfectly reasonable that only some portion of comments might justify a reply. The “awaiting moderation” status that can be an obstacle t…

        1. Andy

          Hi Ian. Will certainly look in to that so everyone can share easier. Appreciate your feedback too Ian. It really helps us understand how we can get better. Have a great weekend.