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Sergio Drill

Are you slicing the golf ball, coming over the top in the golf swing?  This is a great drill that not only fixes the “over the top” swing fault but also will help you close the club face and hit the ball straighter.  


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  1. Kevin T.

    Was doing this on the range today and some guy asked me if I was a pro!! My question is upon seeing my swing on video I noticed that I bend my lead (right for me, I’m left handed) elbow a lot at the…

    1. Andy

      Hi Kevin. Thanks for the question. Your lead elbow doesn’t need to be dead straight. We always say that it just needs to be comfortable and if you are better when it is slightly bent then that is abso…

  2. Vidur V.

    Hey! I’m having trouble with pulling my golf ball towards the left after i take a shot. I tried correcting it by extending my swing a bit without folding my elbows too much while coming down on my swi…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. Your club face will be closed so they key thing is identifying where that is in the swing. Check your back swing first and make sure the face rotates enough as you move to away…