Play Consistent Pitch Shots – Meandmygolf Weekly

Piers and Andy discuss the hinge and hold pitch shot and how you can hit more consistent shots in this weeks Meandmygolf Weekly.

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  1. Ian

    Excellent pragmatic advice, easily understood and easily implemented. Your comment regarding the watch face answer my question on holding the club face towards the target in the follow through of the …

  2. Mark

    Ideas for a new Video – Monkey Golf! 🙂 Great vid guys


    Phil’s Hinge and hold method. One of the requirements is “keep the leading edge and bounce the same.” Another is “Arm and club move at the same speed.” This is how he deals with the ‘leading edge prob…

    1. Andy

      Hi Ronald. Thanks for the comment. In theory though it sounds good but if you create hinge and hold it then you have to take off the bounce of the club. To return the club and use the bounce, the shaf…

  4. ruairi


    Another great video thanks for the content.

    I started golfing just over two years ago and cant get moved off my 28 handicap! I have been taken quite a few lesson and been fitted for all my…

  5. zach

    Hey guys I love the content!! I am completely lost on the course right now, I usually slice my driver and hook/pull my irons. Lately I have been hooking everything, any suggestions!? I am a lefty

    1. Andy

      Hi Zach. Thanks for the comment. If you are hooking then you need to really club face. Start with the back swing and check your face positions. We usually see the club face closed some where. Take a l…

  6. JLHolmes204

    This is great….I look forward to trying to use a little more of bounce on pitch shots and a little less “hinge and hold”

  7. Yusuf


    I really appreciate the break 100 and other plans u have. I’m struggling to find something to teach me how to control 100 yards in. I drive about 280 yards but struggle to control my pitch sho…

    1. Andy

      Great question. You really need too make sure your wedge make up is good. What lofts do you have? if all you have is a 56 and a 48 then the gap is too big between the two. It would be good to get a ga…

      1. Yusuf


        Yes I have a 60 degree 56 , 52, 48.

        Currently hitting my

        60- 70yard on a full swing
        56- 90yard on a full swing
        52- 110 yard on a full swing
        48- 145 yard on a full swing

        I have only…

        1. Andy

          That’s a big gap between 52 and 48. Have you had the lofts measured to make sure? I would say 56 would be good from 90-70 and 60 degree for under 70 yes. You could however still use the 56 for some sh…