Pitch Like Jason Day – Meandmygolf Weekly

In this weeks Meandmygolf Weekly we analyse Jason Day’s pitch shots and show you how to replicate this.

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  1. bvmayor

    Great Video. I love the different approaches you guys teach rather than trying to shove one method at everyone. Keep up the good work guys!!

    1. Andy

      Thanks Jeff. There is more than one way to do things and we want to provide as many options for golfers to use to find which works best for them. Hope it helps.



  2. Michael Moppert

    Great video – as always. Could you also talk a bit about Phil Mickelson’s “Hinge and hold”-approach? That looks rather different (and I guess no one will say that Phil has a lousy short game ;-).


  3. Tom O'Donnell

    I’ve struggled with golf my entire life. Andy and Piers are the first instructors who have actually helped my game by “demystifying” the game and providing solid explanations of what to do and why.

    1. Andy

      Hi Tom. Than ks for the comment. Great to hear we are helping. Keep up the great work!



  4. Chantal Lancaster

    I have just taken up golf (only been at it one month) and I am finding all the different advice bewildering. I hoping that you guys can help me get a handicap! I’ve still not done a full round yet an…