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One Key Move To Draw The Golf Ball – Meandmygolf Weekly

In this weeks Meandmygolf Weekly we demonstrate how to play the perfect draw and show you where people go wrong.


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  1. edgeprod

    Hi guys,

    What are the best “Resistance Cable” exercises for developing a golfer’s “Core”?

    Bob King
    Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

  2. Ian

    For British golfers struggling with muscle memory from cricket, think of swing the bat towards mid-off with the face of the bat at impact between mid-off and the bowler. The ball will start between mi…

  3. Paul

    Just learning golf this year – thanks for you help! I have struggled to get my hip action correct and recently I ended up with a very sore lower right back. Am I correct in thinking that I need to str…

    1. Andy

      Hi Paul. Welcome to this great game and thank you so much for signing up. We are here to help you really improve your game this coming season. Great question. Yes to allow for a better turn you can st…

  4. nmiletic23

    For next month’s focus on golf fitness, could you include some drills or tips for high swing speed players? In particular, I’m wondering what work I should be doing to prevent injury/fatigue and how t…

  5. dwtipene

    Need more course vlogs…with rick and Pete would be great

  6. golfcustomer1001

    In order to hit a draw is it better to adjust the club face to slightly closed when you set up and address the ball or to rely on a slight twist with your hands during your swing?

  7. blankman38

    great incite thanks for teaching

    1. Andy

      Pleasure Blankman! Hope your’e enjoying the website.



  8. sp4rkie1980

    Is this the same concept with the driver? where if you start the downswing with the hips then the arms keeping the shoulder back and closing the face through impact. Would this still promote an out to…

    1. Andy

      Hi Mark. Yes exactly the same with the driver. We still want to start with the lower body but doing this move will definitely encourage a path more to the right. Hope it helps?



  9. David

    For a “normal” straight shot, should the wrists roll (i.e. open the club face on the backswing and close on the downswing)? Is there any benefit to this or am I making life more difficult?

    Is this …

  10. Julie B.

    I am 16 years old and hitting my driver about 200-220 yards. I am hitting my 7 iron about 120 yards. Should I be hitting it longer?

    1. Andy

      Hi Julie. That’s a good distance but speed is so important in todays game so you should be working on developing more. Take a look at the SuperSpeed product. That’s great!



      1. Julie B.

        O.k. Thank you.