No Spray – No Fairway

Where the golf ball hits the club face on your driver will have a huge impact on the direction of the golf ball.  Here we tell you how to analyse this and the effects it has.

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  1. MrsBean

    Hello, what kind of spray do you use? Any deodorant spray? thanks, Natascha

    1. Andy

      It is just “foot spray” from your local Pharmacy. It works great!



  2. mike8688

    Most my ware on my driver is low middle, though my miss hits are off the heel. My natural shot is a bit more right, but I struggle to get any kind of consistent hit or distance with it. Whereas my 3 w…

    1. Andy

      Hi Mike. Make sure you spray the face in your practice sessions so you know exactly what is going on during the session. The first thing to do is experiment with tee height to improve the vertical str…

      1. mike8688

        Thanks for the response Andy. Last time I filled my swing was probably sometime in April or May. Need to do so again, but weather will likely keep me from playing again til I take a short vacation to …

        1. Andy

          Hi Mike. Yes keep spraying the face each time and you will see improvements. It is amazing what awareness does sometimes! Experiment with the tee height and let us know if that works and it’s a good o…

          1. mike8688

            Lol all the golf courses near me are closed for the winter. It’ll be a few months before I get a break from work and can go to Arizona and work on my game. Actually it’s thanks to you guys that my 3 w…

          2. Andy

            Hi Mike. Thanks for the comment. Your driving is dialed ion by the looks of things! Great to hear you playing some good stuff. Please let us know what you would like to see more of on the website?


  3. Eliezer M.

    I’ve been hitting my driver on top of the face or heel of face any suggestions that may help?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hey Eliezer thanks so much for your question, the easiest way to start is to hover the driver off the ground at set up and maybe even address the ball slightly out of the toe, thats the first thing to…

      1. Eliezer M.

        So I tried hovering Driver over the ball love the contact and even hit more middle , bit more distance, better feel , however now I’m pulling which if I’m correct would mean need to work on over the …

        1. Piers Ward

          Eliezer this is great! Well done… You’re absolutely correct it sounds like an Over the Top for sure, makes sure you checkout those swing fault fixes. Let me know how you get on.