Middle Your Irons – Toe Strike Drill

PGA Professional Piers Ward demonstrates a great drill for hitting your irons out of the middle.

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  1. jeremy

    This worked amazing for me!!! Take charge!

    1. Andy

      Great Jeremy! Keep up the great work.

  2. hanslatour

    The trick with the headcover is great to see what is happening. I used chalk on the balls and noticed I hit balls too close to the shaft. But how to cure it? Standing further away? Arms closer to the …

  3. Karl W.

    For me when I do these types of drills, it encourages me to raise the handle and make the club more upright. Do you have an alternative way to tackle a toe strike please?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Karl thanks so much for your message. Ok firstly is your golf swing quite upright? If so look at potentially flattering your back swing unless you tend to hook the ball. The other ways you can lo…

  4. Ronald R.

    Do you recommend this set up for woods and driver also

    1. Andy

      Yes this can definitely work for that Ronald.