Long vs Short Irons

In this video, we show you the differences between playing your long and short irons.

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  1. Chris S.

    Great video as always guys.
    I think I do all this pretty well but often get a pull from the short irons 9I-SW, any thoughts as to what I may be doing wrong?

    1. Andy

      Hi Chris. If your ball is starting left then your club face is closed at impact. Make sure you pay attention to the club face in the back swing. It may be a little “toe down” meaning closed. This coul…

  2. MrsBean

    excellent video!
    which irons would you say are short irons and which are long irons? what about mid irons?

    1. Andy

      Hi Mrs Bean. Short irons are generally 9, PW, SW and long irons are 3,4 and 5. Mid irons are 6,7 and 8. Hope that helps.



  3. MIKE G.

    So I have been working on my irons for a minute and I noticed that when I lock my lead arm elbow I have better and consistent shots however I have not heard you guys talk about how important it is to …

    1. Piers Ward

      Hello Mike thanks so much for your questions. Re the elbow this is absolutely fine to do, we don’t mention it that often as it can often cause people problems but if you do it and its actually better…

      1. MIKE G.

        Thank you guys so much! My game is getting better every time I play. I will be emailing a video soon to you guys. If possible will you guys watch it and give me some critics?!

  4. Shawn B.

    Hey guys. Coming into the winter months I will be doing all my practice at an indoor facility. Is there a way to judge the quality of your ball strike off a range mat? And is there anything you would …

    1. Andy

      Hi Shawn. You will generally know a good from a bad one on the matt but we do recommend laying a towel behind the golf ball roughly 3-4 golf balls back. This will encourage you to hit more past the ba…

      1. Shawn B.

        Awesome thanks again andy. Looking forward to starting break 90 next season!

        1. Andy

          No worries Shawn. Excited for you to do it.



  5. Janina R.

    Could you please let me know from
    Which number do you consider short irons? Is it 8? Or 9? Thanks!

    1. Andy

      Hi Janina. Generally 8,9,PW, SW etc we class as short irons.



  6. Robert H.

    Just started my 30 day free trial last week, and am already playing better than ever. I watched this video for the first time about a week ago and tried it out. I am am hitting my short irons better t…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Robert great to hear your game has improved so much, yes its absolutely fine to employ the same technique for both. The only thing that matters is that you hit the ball well….

      Thanks so much, P…

  7. Michael Huestis

    I’m still struggling to shape my 4 & 5 irons with a draw. I am able to shape my short & mid irons both directions with some success, but I really have great difficulty with getting my long iro…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Michael great question, and the answer is yes its harder to draw the long irons, the key is that you just need to exaggerate and do more of what you’re doing with the short and mid irons. Just nee…

  8. Aaron F.

    Hi lads what sort of release do you have for driver . Is it same as long iron??

    1. Andy

      Yes pretty much the same as a long iron Aaron.

  9. Richard Varner

    This was profound for me! I’ve been using the short iron technique for all my irons. SMH! I needed this concept badly!!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Richard this is awesome glad it helps and yes definitely try and keep the styles slightly different.

      Thanks Piers

  10. Dustin Bixler

    Hello Piers and Andy,
    Love the video above but I have a quick question. How should I be hitting my mid range irons? Should I be using the long or short technique?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Justin thanks for your question, OK I would tend to be more leaning towards the longer iron so maybe the 5 and the 6 sign would be more the Long irons but then you would go to the 7-iron and then t…