Learn To Strike Your Hybrids Better – Meandmygolf Weekly

In this weeks episode of Meandmygolf weekly Piers and Andy discuss how to play the Hybrid Golf Club.

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  1. Finn Mooney

    Good video, simple and easy to apply techniques.

  2. Prashant

    Hi guys. Andy & Piers you guys rock. All your videos are very educative and help improve game with better technique. Never seen anything like this before. The best thing is you guys help eliminat…

  3. Mark

    Guys, would you place the ball differently in yr stance if you were hitting hybrid off a tee?

    1. Andy

      Very similar Mark. We would have it teed down low so it’s close to like a fairway shot.



  4. Jennifer Blankensteiner

    Hi there,

    i am fairly new with the hybrid and have a tendency to top the ball – any advise?

    1. Andy

      Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the comment! Looking at the key things in this video will certainly help! Also measure your strike by using some spray on the club face or some tapes off your local pro. This w…

  5. bobmac56

    Hi guys .. new member here .loving the site . need some of your expert advice ..was really struggling with my driver.so while i was watching golf on t v a few weeks back . i saw an ad for the new gx-7…

  6. David Quine

    It would be interesting to know what loft you use in your demos; eg hybrid No.3 20o or Hybrid 5 26/27 o ?

    1. Andy

      Hi David. My hybrid 3 is 19 degrees. That’s the only hybrid that I use in the bag. Works great between my 3 wood and 3 iron.



  7. peterantone

    Thanks for the videos. I’m 65 with a beginner’s golf ability. I notice that I do better with hybrids than with irons in 3-6. Since the hybrids seem to be working for me, I am thinking of replacing my…

    1. Andy

      Hi Peter. Thanks for the question. Yes the hybrids are very beneficial and certainly will help in the longer clubs. I think the majority of people use them in the longer clubs as they are more forgivi…

  8. woomavis

    Hi guys, really helped with 4 hybrid on my last round. Could you do similar with 3 and 5 Woods on fairways or 1st cut. I try hitting similar to Driver but doesn’t seem to be working. Should I be setti…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. Yes we dot want to hit the fairway metals similar tot the driver as with the driver we want a slight upward hit. With the Fairway metals we want a slight downward hit. Ball a l…

      1. woomavis

        Thanks Andy – I obviously meant ‘divots’ not ‘digits’ on previous question – bloody predictive text 🙂

        1. Andy

          ??. Yes I thought that was the case.?

  9. Richard C.

    Hi guys, great video that helped me with my set up and ball position. But still tend to slice with my 3 and 4 hybrids more than with my irons. Any tips for getting rid of a hybrid slice?

    Thanks Richa…

    1. Andy

      Hi Richard. Thanks for the question. Keep the ball forward in the stance. Have you looked at your club face a d back swing plane. This is going be the first thing to look at. If it’s slicing lots th…