Launch Pad Hips

Fix your reverse spine swing fault, create a better spine angle and hit further drives with this simple drill.

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  1. Nola A.

    Hello Piers and Andy!

    I decided to revamp my entire swing during my recovery from knee surgery and have been using your videos to help me. So far I’ve seen a huge difference in not only contact …

    1. Piers Ward

      Hello Nola I hope the knee is doing well, yes totally agree with what you’ve said re the shoulder and weight. The only thing to be careful of is the knee! If it is the lead knee that has had the op th…

    2. Andy

      Hi Nola. Thanks for the comment. Yes if you have a reverse spine ideally you want to fix it as it can cause injury. Creating a slight tilt in the spine is good yes as it will help. The key thing is cr…