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Jason Day – Why I’m The Ultimate Putter

Find out why we think Jason Day is the ultimate putter and pick up some putting tips.


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  1. Spireofdublin

    2015 PGA Championship at the straits course of Whistling Straits

  2. Lerato L.

    He won the PGA championship at Kohler, Wisconsin in 2015

  3. Lerato L.

    He won the PGA championship at Kohler, Wisconsin in 2015

  4. crdavey

    Jason Day major win at 2015 PGA Championship. Played at Whistling Straghts in Wisconsin.

  5. AJ MUC

    Hi, I think he won the major in 2015 at Whistling Straits, right?

  6. Mitchell Lowbridge

    Great Video again, such a treat to see the top player giving advice.
    Jason of course won his major at Whistling Straights in 2015, Hopefully many more to come!

    1. Andy

      Hi Mitchell. Hope you are ok? We actually answered your question in the latest Q and A that goes live next week= so keep a look out.



  7. Eliezer M.

    Hi fellas any drill to help me hit putts from the center of putter & how is the ball supposed to be impact putter going up or sweeping ball ?any drills .thanks

    1. Andy

      Hi Elizer. A great way to train a better strike is to place two tee pegs either side of the putter head at set up so that if you were to strike the heel or toe of the club your putter would hit the te…

        1. Andy

          Great Eliezer. Hope it helps.