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Improve Your Backswing With Handle Low Drill

PGA Professional Piers Ward shows a great drill to improve your backswing and work on the swing fault Loss of Posture.


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  1. JAMES

    Great drill!

    1. Andy

      Thanks James

  2. sp4rkie1980

    This really is a good drill. I suffer from an over the top swing (Newish to golf) but doing this at the range has help me swing more outwards on the downswing resulting is a straight draw.

    1. Andy

      That’s great Mark. Good to hear this has helped. Keep us posted on your progress!

  3. Marawan

    does this apply for the driver as well?

  4. João Pedro Gonçalves

    Hi! This has been a good exercises for me, however I still have the tendency to go up (lift the knees up) loosing posture. Can lack of flexibility be associated also with loss of posture? What drills…

    1. Andy

      Yes this can be due to flexibility. We actually have some fitness exercises coming tot the website very soon. Until then, please take a look at our “loss of posture” section for some fixes to help.


  5. WalterSM


    I really struggle with keeping my posture during the backswing. But my problem is keeping the hight. Do you have any tips or drills to prevent me from bending my upper body too much during the…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Walter thanks so much for your question and I hope you’re enjoying being a member of the website. There are videos in the Loss of Posture Video Vault but what ever drill you do I would say the bes…

  6. Scott A.

    With this drill, should we almost feel a push (with the lead hand) and pull (with the trail) motion to stay low and create those angles?

    1. Andy

      Hi Scott. Great question and there is nor right answer to that as you may “feel” something very individual. The feeling to with is one that it is individual to you as long as you get the correct motio…