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How To Video And Analyse Your Golf Swing – Meandmygolf Weekly

This weeks Meandmygolf Weekly shows you how to video and analyse your golf swing correctly.


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  1. Sigurd Carlsen

    Perfect! This is exactly the video I have been waiting for. I’m already using your “shot fixer”, but determining my own swing faults can be a bit tricky if. This video will definitely help me with tha…

    1. Piers Ward

      Great Sigurd, we’re glad this helps. Its very important that you get the camera in the correct place when filming, let us know what swing faults you discover. 👍

  2. short shift

    Great video. How do I add the lines & box to my video, do I need special softwhere? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. Ray Shackleton

    Really got a lot out of this video guys. Playing again for 2 months after 30 years of being too
    busy. Been struggling but this has given me the way to see what I’m up to.
    Thank you for the straigh…

  4. Batandson

    Great video,this will really help me

  5. Ian

    4:43 into the clip Andy says the camera is PARALLEL to the alignment stick. The camera is PERPENDICULAR to the alignment stick at the level of the hands at address. Extremely important difference. PA…

  6. The Viscount

    Brilliant video Guys

    1. Piers Ward

      Thanks Bill we hope it helps, let us know what you discover

  7. Ray Shackleton

    You’re talking about camera aim Ian as distinct from camera face.

  8. akfuzzy7

    How do you add all the lines and effects into the video?

  9. Maggie

    Next month regarding training aids, I would like to hear about the driver that has hinges near the club head and then the orange ball club. Which is best for your swing practice and/or do they do dif…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Maggie we will look into the Driver with the hinges. We’re doing several pieces on the Orange Whip, we love it and it has many uses. Great questions, thank you. 😊

  10. Ian

    Swing weight is something I really do not understand – especially relating the letters and numbers to how the club feels.

    I bought a new set of wedges last spring but they’re in the garage now and…