How to Start the Downswing – Meandmygolf Weekly

In this weeks video, we answer a question from one of our members “How do you start the downswing with the lower body.”  So, we explain what happens in the downswing and give you a simple drill to help use the lower body well and get a feel of the ground.

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  1. Jamie P.

    Hi. New member. No matter what I do I lunge forward on my downswing. If I were to draw a line from the ball to my head at setup, head is behind the ball, at impact my whole head is in front of the lin…

    1. Andy

      Hi Jamie. Thanks for the comment. We usually see a “lunge” or what we call a “slide” when the club face is strong. The body then has to drive forward lots to stop the face from closing. We have a swin…

  2. Lee W.

    Great lesson guys. I still seem to be coming over the top when I start my down swing. What should the hands do? Am I right in thinking that the right elbow (right handed swing) is away from the body o…

    1. Andy

      Hi Lee. Thanks for the question. Yes the right elbow ideally should be pointing more at the hip in transition. If you take a look in the “Swing Faults” vault, you will see the “Over The Top” swing fau…

  3. Michael L.

    Hi Andy and Piers

    First of all I rarely subscribe to anything on the internet and also never post comments but your content and style have engaged me so you stand out in a world of chance, thanks.


    1. Andy

      Hi Michael. Hope you are well and thank so much for the comment. Really happy to hear that you enjoy the content! Thanks for the detail too. I would agree with you on what you said. When we turn in th…

  4. Michael L.

    Thanks Andy appreciate the instant reply. Going to carry on now I have your approval! Another bonus is I have stopped thinking about a hundred other tiny cogs and just do the big things, turn load and…


    Do you apply the same technique to irons and drivers?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Paul the key difference between the driver and the iron is the set up, this dictates how you deliver the club into the golf ball, ideally we want to be hitting up with the driver and as I’m sure …

      1. PAUL ISAAC

        Thank you for your reply! That makes perfect sense. Cheers 🙂

  6. Hannu L.

    Nice. So you slam your heal to check that your hip is really moving forward. Why do you rotate your hip? To get power, but how does it generate power? Is it pulling/ twisting your upper body or is it …

    1. Andy P.

      Yes the rotation of the lower body helps create speed and definitely acts like as sling for the arms.

      1. Hannu L.

        On impact – are you pushing or pulling your grip or is the club just pulling you and and your hands?

  7. Aidan McGuckin

    Hi, i m a mid handicapper, I struggle off the tee (especially with driver, woods and long irons (to a lesser extent). I have a good back swing (recorded it, good arc / in plane). For me, my problem or…

    1. Andy P.

      Hi Aidan. The one thing that causes the over the top is an open face. I would make sure that you check the face first as it is very hard to fix the over the top before you fix the face. Check out the …

  8. Aidan McGuckin

    oops i meant slice!! i come over the top and slice the ball (RH)