How To Play A Fade

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  1. Murph

    so with the fade you start off with clubface pionting at the target but once you take your stance to the left does the clubface close a little bit to the target line but is open alittle bit to the st…

    1. Andy

      Hi Murph. That’s correct. To play a true fade we want the club face open to the club path but closed to the target. Hope that helps?

  2. Whodatph

    Hello Piers & Andy,

    I watched 3 videos on shaping the ball and in one video you were using an iron, is there any difference in swing between irons and driver? I know with the driver you can us…

    1. Andy

      Thanks fore the question. Keep the swings the same. Have a go at just adjusting the set up. It is a much more consistent way of playing shapes. Yes to play the draw the body aims right and the face wa…

  3. Ald

    You guys do an amazing job of making a fad so simple. Thanks

    1. Andy

      Thanks. Glad this is helpful.