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How Should You Start The Downswing – Centred Knees

PGA Professional Andy Proudman shows a great drill for starting the downswing.


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  1. tfoxsf

    This drill changed my strike immensely. I was struggling with the hip bump sensation, but the centered knees seems to be a better idea for me. Really striking my 3H much better and generating more spe…

    1. Andy

      Hi Trevor. Happy New Year! that’s great news! This really helped me a few years ago and still refer back to it now and again when I really want to engage the lower body again. Keep up the great work a…

  2. holein2

    Would this type of movement help with coming over the top, and starting too much with my shoulders when I am hitting my driver?

    1. Andy

      100%. This is a great way to feel and help with that. just make sure you keep the upper body from going too early when you do this and it should really help. Even better if you combine this with an Ov…

  3. Emerson C.

    Fantastic drill. Really really help me as I’ve struggled with hip rotation

    1. Andy

      That’s great! Glad this was useful.