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Go Long Part 2


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  1. danhuck

    On the preferred driver setup is the weight distribution about 60:40 (back leg : lead leg)? This is what I have been told. Thanks Dan-

    1. Andy

      From our experience Dan, slightly favouring the trail leg with the driver.



  2. raincoyote

    Having used a trackman at my local golf center, my club head speed is around 78-80 mph. I’m a normal guy in my late 20s, so I’m strong enough, and I feel as though I am swinging quicker than 78-80 mph…

    1. Andy

      Hi Dane. One thing that could be holding you back is the club face. If it is open then it will reduce your ability to sequence good in the down swing. Also strength is only one component of swinging f…

  3. raincoyote


    The club face issue does make a lot of sense for me as I’ve been keeping it open pretty consistently after correcting a previous hook. I recently corrected some path issues thanks to my local…

    1. raincoyote

      I should say, I get *pulls* on mishits, not pushes.

  4. Mikemac

    Is it okay to hit some grass before hitting the ball? It usually happens to me and results to a farther drive

    1. Andy

      Hi Mike. As long as it just brushes the ground then that’s fine!!



  5. robertcmix

    I wish I could see the statistics of a club swing of the more 105-110+ mph and see what that looks like visually. Golfer many years, Struggle with making good contact and such but swinging slower is h…