Get More Distance With An Effortless Swing – Meandmygolf Weekly

Everyone wants more distance, in this video, we show you how to get more distance with less effort.

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  1. Ryan Williams

    i can’t find the members only group on Facebook. i just went to the me and my golf facebook page

  2. mike363

    Video release timing was perfect. I’ve improved my irons (swing and distance) by applying tips & techniques I’ve learned from numerous MMG videos and Coaching Plans .. so a big time “Thank you” …

    1. Piers

      Hi Mike great work on everything you’ve done and its an absolute pleasure. Ok the WHIZZ sound could be done to a few things, firstly when at the range are you hitting balls next to dividers? If so th…

      1. mike363

        Hi Piers,

        Knowing I shouldn’t hear my ball whizz is good to know especially as I haven’t heard any whizz since that day and my irons continue to improve 🙂

        My take is the ‘elements’ aligned perfe…

        1. Piers Ward

          Hey Mike no problem, yes all that makes sense, sometimes you have those perfect auditory conditions. Maybe even a slight echo depending were you are on the course.

          Ultimately keep getting that great …

  3. Dean B.

    Great video guys, I’m currently working on this exact thing, takes some patience to get that face square. ??

    1. Piers

      Thanks so much Dean, its amazing how many of us fall into this trap. Keep up the great work.

      Thanks Piers

  4. Darren Villante Sr.

    what APP are you using on your IPAD? To see the loft angles

    1. Andy

      It’s Trackman. It’s quite a high tech piece of equipment. Really good information!