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Focus On Your Face For Straighter Shots

When trying to hit the golf ball straighter have you considered checking your Club Face?  If you’re struggling to hit it straight you need to watch this video.


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  1. Rene Udo

    Thanks for the tip, I definitely will put more attention into that. My problem is always coming from the outside in, so maybe I can finally fix that problem.

    1. Andy

      Hi Rene. If you are outside in then you definitely need to look at what the face is doing first. If you fix the face, the path becomes so much easier to fix. Hope it helps. Please let us know.


  2. philipp.ruenzi

    Hi Guys
    I’m still working on my clubface to close more in the downswing. From my videos I know that in the backswing everything is ok (even a little bit too closed) but I then lose it a little bit un…

    1. Andy

      Hi Phillip. Thanks for the comment. You need to make sure that the driver set up is geared to help square the face and create a slightly upward attack angle. Make sure the ball position is forward eno…

  3. Ronald L.

    I’ve struggled getting my driver shots straight. The ball movement to the right is further amplified by the fact that I hit long, what should I do to improve consistency in hitting the ball straight…

    1. Andy

      Hi Ronald. If the ball is going right then your club face is open to the path. The most important thing is to check your club face in your golf swing and see where it is letting you down. It may be du…

  4. bhwhitten

    Great video. Thanks!

    1. Piers Ward

      Thanks so much


  5. Joe B.

    Hi Piers & Andy,

    Struggling slightly with the driver off the tee, naturally hit a slight draw but when it’s not going well, it’s a big hook or I try and counter it and leave it out right… I’v…

    1. Andy

      Hi Joe. Thanks for the comment. How does the club face look in the back swing? If you are fighting a hook, it may be worth changing the club face so it’s not so closed. This way you will be able to ge…

      1. Joe B.

        Cheers Andy, spot on with this! Definitely too closed so I’ve just opened it up slightly.


  6. PhilMR

    Hi guys,

    I filmed my swing today because I have been struggling with the driver lately. I noticed that my club face is pretty square throughout the backswing, but during transition (when I’m shall…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi and thanks so much for a great question. Ok the key is to get the feeling of the knuckles on the lead hand turning down away from your watch if you were wearing one! I know this will feel hard to s…