Flamingo Pitching

Improve your pitching with this great drill.

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  1. Gaetano

    At 1:22s video there’s also a pink flamingo in the bushes!

    1. Piers Ward

      Hahaha! Where? ?

  2. Jeremy M.

    Can’t wait to grow to the range to try this!! Think this is exactly what I need. 0

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Jeremy it works great for that strike, enjoy!


  3. Matthias Dunlop

    Hi Andy,

    What is the reason for going high on that shot? To me, it looked like a prime opportunity to skip it in there (if one has that shot – I’m sure you do). My supposition is that you were mak…

    1. Andy

      Hi Matthais. For me if it is 50 yards I prefer to go with loft as I feel more control, over the speed of the shot. If I go too low loft then it comes off the face faster and I personally feel it is ha…

  4. johnny m.

    With irons the bottom of swing is just in front of ball eg painted line drills
    With pitching is the ball the bottom of the swing?

    ps loving your site and have broken 50 for front 9 for first time …

    1. Andy

      Hi Johnny. Great question. The bottom of the golf swing is still after the golf ball just not as much as we don’t generate the speed and dynamics to create the same impact. Does that make sense?


      1. johnny m.

        Yes – thank you
        ps working to get my website as slick as yours!

        1. Andy

          Great Johnny. Glad you like the site too.



  5. Sebastian Arnold

    Tried this today, the drill worked really great for me! Had a perfect clean contact with almost every shot. I struggled a bit with my short game so this one came exactly at the right time!


    1. Andy

      Hi Sebastian. That’s great. Happy to hear that this was helpful to you. Looking forward to helping you this year! Enjoy your weekend.



  6. Liyan W.

    Do you recommend using the Flamingo Pitching when you play on the golf course?

    1. Andy

      You can do Liyan, You may just want to narrow your stance and recreate the feeling. Whatever gives you the result you need.