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Find A Fairway Part 1 – How The Club Face Effects Your Shots

Watch PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman in Part 1 of our 6 Part Video Series – Find a
Fairway. In this episode learn the most overlooked factor for missing a fairway.


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  1. Dalton

    Just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys do!

    1. Andy

      It’s our pleasure Dalton. Please let us know if you have any video suggestions.

  2. Dave

    I hook my driver/woods but slice longer irons and pull shorter irons, any ideas?

    1. Andy

      Hi Dave. Take a look in the Shot Fixer section and choose the hook tab. If you hook your drives then start with the closed club face.

  3. Greg

    Great lesson! My main poor driver shot is something between a power fade and a small slice. Ball flight and distance are solid. The ball starts out right but stays relatively straight before continuin…

    1. Andy

      Hi Greg. Yes the ball will always start where the face is pointing at impact so your face is definitely open! Make sure you take a look at your club face and if you get chance, look at our video serie…

  4. Sam

    Really glad I signed up to your site. Dead good videos. Only been playing 7 months hc 28 and these videos have been a massive help. I will definitely be staying here after my 30 day free trial.

    1. Andy

      HI Sam. Thanks for signing up! Glad you are liking the videos. We have so much more coming to the site too with a full month in July on Beginners including a short game video series. Please let us kno…

  5. gary dallyn

    Hi Guys, Love ur work.. Quick question

    Its sat morning you arrive for the morning comp, ur tee time is in 15-20mins. What is the most efficient use of ur time warming up, is it hitting the driver i…

    1. Andy

      Hi Gary. Thanks for the comment. Great question! That does depend on the person but from experience we would suggest warming the body up to help give you the best chance to start well and look after y…

  6. grahamh26

    I have had a marked improvement in my striking of a ball. However my driving has become more irregular with direction. I pick a small object a few feet away to get my direction. I then try and align m…

    1. Andy

      Hi Graham. The first thing to check is your grip. Your club face is closed at impact so make sure your grip isn’t too strong. the net thing is to then check the first part of your back swing. This is …