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Find A Fairway Part 1 – How The Club Face Effects Your Shots

Watch PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman in Part 1 of our 6 Part Video Series – Find a
Fairway. In this episode learn the most overlooked factor for missing a fairway.


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  1. Tommy

    Great lesson, really looking forward to the rest of this series! When will the next part be released? is it monthly?

    1. Neil

      Hi Tommy. We will be releasing the next episode this week, then it will be one a week. There are 6 episodes in total. Glad you enjoyed the first part. Look out also for Meanmdygolf Weekly with the…

    2. Andy

      Thanks Tommy. Glad you enjoyed it! one will go up every week from now.

  2. Ian

    At 09:00 into this video Andy states “the club face angle determines the starting direction of the ball” or something like that. I thought (according to school physics for motions of bodies) that the …

    1. Andy

      Hi Ian. Thanks for the comment. Yes that is old school what golfers use to think happened including ourselves at some stage. Take a look at the ball flight laws. The face angle is responsible for up t…

      1. Ian

        Much obliged for this clarification. I took your phrase “ball flight laws” and found this article from 2010 by Jeff Mann:

        This article read in conju…

        1. Andy

          Hi Ian. Glad you found it. We will take your message on board and think more about Matt videos. Thanks.

  3. Ian

    Here’s a navigation tip for Me and My Golf users. When you login to the dashboard the latest video is shown with a play button. If you press the play button and watch the video you cannot respond to s…

  4. Chris

    Hi guys, awesome stuff to help me with my over the top caused by lack of disassociation of my upper and lower body which im working on. What length away from the ball should the alignment stick be at …

    1. Andy

      Hi Chris. Fairly close the the golf ball. We would say half a grip length away.

  5. dennisar

    Great instruction – I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. I’m wondering if my weight distribution – left foot vs right foot – influences whether and how I hit the ball on the heal, center or …

  6. William

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering why the weights in Piers’s driver were set up the way they are? I.e. What effect it has on ball fright with both weights set to high spin. Love your videos, the “strike you…

    1. Andy

      Hi William. With the weights set to high spin it does exactly that. Piers spins the ball low with his driver so having a slightly higher spin rate helps to control his ball flight a little better for …

      1. William

        Thank you Andy! I swing fast, 120+ but have low spin. I believe I will give that a go as I have seen a few people with that setup.

  7. Anthony

    Great video guys! Really enjoyed all of it and I have watched it several times. During the “over the top” drill, you have the alignment stick set up on the target line with it about 25 degrees off the…

    1. Andy

      Hi Anthony. One option would be to use a basket to put the alignment stick through. this can work also but make sure it is safe when you set it up.

  8. AndyP

    Nice video guys. I noticed that Andy is holding the driver with his left hand very close to the top of the club (the pinky finger is mere millimeters from the top of the club [easy to see at 3.29 in …

    1. Andy

      Hi Andy.

      This is just where it feels comfortable for me. If you are slightly lower down the grip that is fine, it will more than likely be a comfort thing too and it shouldn’t make any difference at …

  9. Carol

    I love this series. I tend to push the ball right because I am not completing the turn. Do you have you have any drills for completing the swing and follow through. I am a new subscriber and will se…

    1. Andy

      Hi Carol. Thanks for signing up! We hope we can help. Take a look in our “back swing” vault. There are videos in there that will help.

  10. Dheaver02

    loving the new series guys 👍 I can get a little wild with the driver at times and when I videoed my swing I noticed I was cupping my wrist and the top of my swing and would come down ever so sligh…

    1. Andy

      Hi Darren. That is great! That’s what we want to happen with these series. If we can help you guys identify areas that are letting them down then it makes things so much easier and faster for you to i…